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I Can’t Remember


Title: I Can’t Remember
Author: kayleighhalliday2203
Rating: T
Notes/Warnings: None

Based off this Imagine:

“I can’t believe what an egotistical asshole you are!” you screamed. Steve looked offended.
“I’m egotistical? I’m not the one commandeering every single decision this team makes!” he retorted.
“I’m supposed to question your tactics, that’s why Fury hired me!” you shouted, “I was brought on to be a tactician, to bring new ideas. You always want to send Banner in to deal with armed guards, you never go another route. Natasha…”
“The Hulk can incapacitate guards quickly and effectively,” Steve argued.
“It doesn’t mean that’s the only solution!”

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Hello all, the target has been removed from this petition.  Because getting 50k, 75k, 100k signatures does not magically close the zoo.  We just have to keep going until we build the critical mass to close the place, until the Indonesian government listens to us.  Maybe this means millions of signatures, so let’s do it!

Please also sign the Indonesian petition.  I believe this is much more powerful than a foreign petition.  So please sign this:

This place needs to be shut down, it is truly shameful.

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